Ray-Ban Wayfarers: A Summer Must See

The Display Shop kicked off the official start of Summer with an “out of this world” experience, partnering with Henri Bendel and Ray-Ban to showcase the classic Wayfarer sunglasses. TDS provided a dramatic iridescent effect orchestrating the use of programmable and cycling LED lights illuminating product pillars to create the visual effect and mimicking the iridescence of the Wayfarer’s frames and lenses. Adding tothe drama each pair of Wayfarers appears to be “floating” by resting on a clear angled shelf of solid acrylic adding visual interest and presence as people walk by the window. Behind the illuminated pillars are sixteen pillars of color to provide a vivid background and showcasing Ray-Ban’s wide range of colored frames. TDS designed/engineered, built, and installed the display in under two weeks!

Henri Bendel [TDS May 2014] [5472 x 3078] (22)

Henri Bendel [TDS May 2014] [5176 x 2911] (31)

Henri Bendel [TDS May 2014] [5024 x 3349] (7)

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